Who we work with

Radiant works closely with a small number of executive search firms to help meet their hiring needs. We work on a retained basis and pride ourselves in giving the firms we partner with the same level and quality of service that they give their clients. We take a client rather than candidate-led approach.

We comprehensively map markets for talent and focus on excellent delivery and execution of mandates. We pride ourselves on intimately knowing the markets we cover, helping our clients to land the best talent and being able to offer comprehensive insights into the market for any given mandate as well as compensation, hiring trends, and people moves.

What people say about us

“Radiant were instrumental in helping me to secure my new position - throughout the process he was informative, thoughtful and kind - Nick took the time to listen to my needs and check in, without being pushy, overbearing or “salesy”. He was a pleasure to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his services to clients and candidates alike.”
“Radiant are by far the best rec to rec consultants that I have worked with. Nick not only knows the market really well, but importantly he is responsive and moves with pace. Thanks to Nick we were able to hire one of the best healthcare researchers within a matter of a couple of months. I would work with Radiant in a heartbeat for future positions.”
“Nick is one of the best rec2recs I worked with. He has solid connections with most of the recruitment firms. He listened to my interests and requirements and helped me identify mutliple platforms that were right for me. He quickly set up meetings and helped me secure multiple offers in a short period of time. I highly recommend Nick.”
“Nick was an absolute delight to work with and I would highly recommend. He has very impressive knowledge of the sector and acted as a brilliant sounding board throughout the whole process. He provided honest and invaluable counsel, whilst demonstrating the highest level of integrity. Thank you Radiant Search!”
“I have a huge amount of respect for Nick. I felt he was very much invested in building a relationship with me for the long-term without being too ‘salesy’, and there was actually over a year in between our first conversation on the phone and my placement. He clearly knows the sector inside out and was hugely valuable in helping me to prepare for and reflect on meetings throughout the process. I would highly recommend working with him!”
“Radiant have been instrumental in securing my new role at Boyden. Throughout the recruitment process Nick was an excellent adviser - always being a calm voice of reason and very patient. He came across as highly professional, giving me time to consider my options and avoided pushing me into making a decision before I was ready. I would highly recommend Nick to anyone looking for a new role or search business looking to hire new consultants.”
“We have worked with Radiant Search who did an outstanding job of mapping the market for the relevant talent and kept with the programme even when we got down to two finalists and ended up doing a restart. They were efficient, professional and make a great double act! I whole heartedly recommend them.”